A word about safety..

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A word about safety..

Post  Admin on Sun Nov 22, 2009 2:11 pm

Lately, the amount of scamming & hacks have risen dramatically in the hotel. Although we have this under control, would just like to make a few things quite clear.

I can't stress enough these next few points. If you follow these, you aren't guaranteed not to be caught out, but your chances of not will highly increase.

1.[b] If you are going to perform a trade for forum credits, or are placing a rather large bet with somebody that you are not too sure about; Call For Help (If you are unaware of how to CFH, it will be explained at the bottom).
If are you are suspicious that somebody that you know of are hacking or scamming, please get in contact with a member of staff asap, whether that be via CFH, Dropping by the Help Desk or by E-mail. Get in touch.
3[ NEVER give out any personal details about yourself, including username or password. Staff will never[i] ask you for it so if a member of staff does, report it straight away! I cannot stress this point enough. [i]NEVER
4. Avoid getting into dodgy deals. If it seems too good to be true, it usually is.

How to Call for Help: Calling for Help (Sometimes knows as CFH) is a very simple way of getting a staff members attention. It is located on the Right hand side of your UI (User Interface) (in a room) underneath the speaker, where the catalogue is; it is a small blue. After clicking on this Click 'Get live help here!' then tick the second selection.

Hopefully this will keep you safer on Open at all times.


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